Problem – Solution

Problem – Solution

You are tasked with handling a Celebration of Life, Memorial or Burial or Inurnment Service for a loved one.
You have never done this before, you are not alone! literally everyone has little or no experience in dealing with any type of service for a loved one.
Ask yourself these questions, before agreeing to do so:

  • Am I a strong confident speaker?
  • Am I a good writer?
  • Do I know the deceased’s life story and/or who to speak to, to obtain it?
  • Do I know all the deceased’s family members?
  • Do I know what type of poetry that might be appropriate for the service?
  • Do I know what kind of music the deceased liked?
  • Do I know if the deceased wanted any type of religious content?
  • Do I know who will wish to deliver a eulogy and how long it should be?
  • Do I know how long a slide show should be?
  • Do I know the deceased’s education and primary occupation?
  • Do I know how to handle an “Open Mic” session during the service?
  • Do I know of a location, where the service can be held?
  • Do I know what an “Order of Service” is, the reason for it and how to create one?

These are just a few of the questions you will have to answer positively in order to interview, create and deliver a professional service.

I can and will resolve all these issues for you: interviewing, preparing, creating and delivering a semi or non-Religious professional service for your loved one, as I have since 2015 for hundreds of families, either in concert with a Funeral Home or directly with a family representative.
Contact me for more information and have your questions answered.
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By clicking on the link below you find an article I wrote for the largest online Funeral-related magazine, Funeral Wise concerning an Inurnment service and Celebration of Life service for 4 decedents that I created and lead mid-September 2021.  You can access the article by clicking on the link below:  

4 Funerals & No Wedding